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PSP Genesis Competition, Die Gewinner!
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PSP Genesis Competition, Die Gewinner!
5. Platz
Localizer by Draan. This plugin lets you translate your XMB and all PSP Messages into the language of your choice, even if (especially if ?) Sony didn’t include your language on their device. The source shows a huge investigation of all the strings of the system, and a very solid and useful concept.
[Bild: 201096185043.jpg]

PSP3D by PSPWizard (aka AnMaBaGiMa). This plugin allows you to see actual 3D with the help of colored glasses, in many 3D games. What’s amazing is that it does it in a clever way, actually finding the 3D shapes in the game. A brilliant concept, and a nice implementation.
[Bild: naruto_shippuden_3d.png]

4. Platz
After a long discussion, the judges were still split on Arnold’s SHELL. This is a great concept, extremely promising, but we thought there is a risk this doesn’t live up to its expectations if the scene doesn’t follow up. SHELL doesn’t get one of the 3 prizes, but what we are offering here is a promise for dev help. I can’t reveal too much in there yet as the right people still need to be contacted, but some of the judges personally committed to help big time with this project.
[Bild: ea3a9e41.png]

3. Platz
Gewinn: 300 $
Congratulations to the first Kernel Exploit to ever join a Homebrew competition. What can we say? Kernel exploit ARE a big deal, and there’s no way the judges couldn’t acknowledge that. This exploit brought freedom to thousands of PSP users around the world, and is what allows us to run Custom Firmwares on the latest OFW as I type this. Congrats to Some1.
[Bild: 767192downgrader.png]

2. Platz
Gewinn: 750 $
CFW Pro was my personal favorite. I am actually still running 5.00 m33 on some of my machines, but there is no doubt that Pro CFW is shaping the future of Custom Firmwares on the PSP. The pro team has been consistently delivering quality updates over the past months, turning what was initially a “simple” Hen into a CFW working in several environments. Icing on the cake, it went open-source recently, which is the first time a custom firmware does that on the PSP, and let me tell you, it was about time Smile . This is one of the most promising projects in this contest, but also one of those that accomplishes the most already. Congrats guys!
[Bild: prob6.png]

1. Platz
Gewinn: 1900 $
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